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“I came here because my doctor said there was no one better than Dr. Katz and Rudy. She was not wrong. I have sustained an injury that has greatly affected my life, and from the moment I came, Dr. Katz and his team have been so completely gracious. They are completely following Covid precautions; temperature checks, hand sanitizer, sanitizing between patients. The staff is so accommodating with scheduling and working with you as well. I drive 25 minutes to come here, because I know the entire team has my best interest at heart. They spend a lot of time trying to help me get better. I am never rushed, and they really are working collaboratively to treat me. You really couldn’t ask for more Dr. Katz and his team. They are the best. “

– Ashlee H. (2021)

“Dr. Katz, his practitioners and office are amazing! I love Dr. Katz, his passion and helping people achieve wellness through his treatment protocols. He is also a very caring man, and helped me through some tough times at the end of last year, as my insurance visits ran out. What doctor or practitioner helps you and works with you like this these days? No one! Now I have a new insurance plan which has some ridiculous stipulations. His giving and caring nature has now come through again! Also the treatments last year helped me through pain and inflammation issues, and also tremendously helped in my covid-related anxiety and depression! You are the best Dr. Katz”

– Susan W. (2021)

“I want to tell you about my experience in Pain Management center attended by the distinguished Dr. Alejandro J Katz, the attention is very careful, each treatment room is very welcoming and warm, the Doctor listens to your ailment and responds with a soft tone of voice and with much knowledge in medicine, the session lasts 30/40 minutes, the acupuncture needles are not painful, you could relax throughout the treatment. Today I went for a nasal congestion problem, 11 hours have already passed and I feel much better. My family are also patients of Doctor Katz, an expert and his profession, I recommend him. Try this alternative medicine that will help you in your quality of life, you will thank me, I recommend Pain Management Center.”

-Charles (2021) via Square app.

“The treatment performed is very dedicated and cordial… great care and dedication in the control of Covid 19, with the use of UV lamps to disinfect the rooms, temperature control and hand sanitizer used with every patient before the treatment…everything excellent”.

-Carlos S. (2021) via Square app.

“Dr. Katz is really helpful. He takes his time to explain how to care for myself once I go home to help relieve pain”

-DE (2020)

“I loved my visit. it is a very professional, well-mannered, organized doctors office”

-KA (2020)

“Dr. Katz is very helpful. He will take his time to explain the exercises and go further in depth with the symptoms and his knowledge of the anatomy.”

-CD (2020)

(Translated by Google) “In November of the year 2018 I suffered multiple pelvic fractures in a work accident that changed my life in an instant. During these last 2 years I have gone through painful pelvic reconstruction surgery, a lot of pain, many medical treatments, use of pain relievers, and physical and occupational therapy. My current condition has improved a bit but the pain in my pelvis has become chronic and is still there and sometimes becomes unbearable. My primary doctor referred me to Dr. Katz’s acupuncture clinic and to be honest, I went there with no hope of any improvement. I was really not convinced of getting improvements with acupuncture and I asked myself: How could acupuncture help me to relieve the pain? If with all that medical care, so many medications and the physical and occupational therapy received I have not improved much, then what could a simple acupuncture needles do for my well-being? When I met and spoke with Dr. Katz and his professional team, my perspective began to change and what struck me most about them was their sincerity, they made me feel confident. They did not offer me to perform miracles but a treatment that could minimize the pain to have a better quality of life. Today I can say with all honesty that the staff who attend the Dr Katz Acupuncture Clinic are worthy professionals, very knowledgeable about their work and who give the best of their knowledge and effort so that their patients feel better every day and have a better life quality. I confidently say that it is a blessing for me to be cared for at the Dr Alejandro Katz Acupuncture Clinic. He and his collaborators are professionals of very high esteem, with a very big heart who do much honor to their work; For them, the value and interest in the welfare of the patient comes first, before the value of the payment they receive for their services. God bless Dr. Katz, Dr. Rudy, James, Katya and the other staff who work for Dr. Katz. My sincere thanks to all of you for helping me with my recovery and pain management.”

-Jose V. (2020)