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Our network expansion is in full swing

Patients are our priority. As healthcare professionals, we aim to promote beneficial and therapeutic value to patients where productivity and quality of life have been affected. With caring, honest, and reliable providers, Pain Management Center administers patient-centered care. 

With a very organized and systematic approach to alternative medicine and over 120 acupuncture clinics in Northern-Central-Southern California, we have exposed the community to an exceptional standard of care.

The addition of new providers to our network is done on a first-come, first-served basis for the providers who qualify.

Becoming a network provider is free of charge!

Benefits of Joining Acunetwork and Chironetwork (in development)

  • For the patients WE refer to YOUwe bill electronically! YOU fill out treatment paperwork and WE handle the referrals, initial scheduling, authorizations, claims, outstanding payments, staff support, free CEUs (when available), etc! Our staff has years of experience and will tell you if an adjustment needs to be made to the paperwork. With electronic billing, payment can be expected on average between 45-60 days. All of our billing is done in-house, and our billing representatives are dependable when it comes to organization and timeliness. 
  • We automatically credential you under the Pain Management Center, Inc. umbrella with OneCall Care, Medrisk, and Therapy Direct. We also credential you under our umbrella with many other MPNs. If you are already contracted with these insurance companies, THAT’S OKAY! We can still contract you under our umbrella and it would only mean additional exposure as we have personal representatives and connections with Kaiser Permanente Occupational Department and various insurance companies and medical groups.
  • You may cancel at any time, with a 30-day notice, no questions asked.
  • Becoming a member of Acunetwork-Chironetwork is ZERO cost to you. Your location will be listed on OUR website, and our social media specialist will give your practice more exposure. The insurance and cash patients you receive from the additional exposure, become your private patients.

Requirements to Apply:

  • Must be an Acupuncturist / Chiropractor practicing in the state of California
  • Clear & Valid Acupuncture License; Subject to verification
  • Current malpractice and liability insurance
  • Current city license (if required by the city where your office is located)

Our Network Developing Team

dr. Alejandro Katz

Alejandro Katz, OMD. L. Ac.

Acupuncture Network Developer
Tel: (213) 387-4710 x 1005

image of Dr. Robert Patterson

Dr. Robert Patterson, DC.

Chiropractic Network Developer
Tel: (213) 387-4710 x 1005

Regie Pascua

Network Coordinator
Tel: (213) 387-4710 x 2004