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From worker’s compensation to personal injuries, our multidisciplinary team can guide you through the steps to receive the quality of care that you desire.

Some insurance plans require individuals to obtain “referrals” and “pre-authorization.” If your plan requires this, you will need to make sure that authorizations or referrals are taken care of and obtained, BEFORE you receive services at Pain Management Center, Inc.

  • Under certain circumstances, you may be able to schedule services before receiving notice of authorization. The service may be canceled or rescheduled if authorization is not approved by your insurance company. If your insurance company needs a referral and/or prior authorization, call your primary care doctor before scheduling an appointment with us.
  • This process will be different depending on the type of health insurance coverage your family has.

Due to the complex nature of specialty care, our providers often request that patients provide additional detailed health information during their first-time visits. Examples of things you may be asked to bring to your first appointment include:

  • Medical records from visits with other doctors or medical experts
  • X-ray, MRI reports + MRI Disc
  • Lab results
  • Medication list (including medication strengths, amounts are taken, and over-the-counter medication) or bring the original prescription bottles with you

The above-mentioned list is not mandatory, however, it will assist our providers in understanding your condition and administering the highest quality of care.

For additional questions regarding referrals and scheduling, please contact our scheduling department at 213-387-4710 x 1005