practitioner performing acupuncture on a patients back

As healthcare professionals, we aim to promote beneficial and therapeutic value to patients where productivity, fundamentals, and quality of life have been affected. With caring, honest, and reliable providers, Pain Management Center administers patient-centered care. Patients are our priority.

When we first opened our office in 1983, our goal was to establish a network of acupuncturists servicing different areas of California. With the most organized and systematic approach to alternative medicine, 37 years later, we turned that goal into a reality. With a growing network of over 110 clinics in California, we have exposed the community to an exceptional standard of care.

By combining Western Medicine and Eastern Medicine, patients have described our services as:

“Dr. Katz and his team have been so completely gracious. They are following COVID precautions and the staff is so accommodating with scheduling and working with you”

-ASHLEE H. (2021)

“Dr. Katz is very helpful. He will take his time to explain the exercises and go further in-depth with the symptoms, using his knowledge of anatomy [to break it down in simple terms]

-CD (2020)

“When I met and spoke with Dr. Katz and his professional team, my perspective began to change and what struck me most about them was their sincerity. They made me feel confident. They did not offer me to perform miracles but a treatment that could minimize the pain to have a better quality-of-life”

-JOSE V. (2020)

“This office and all staff members are so professional and polite. The entire staff are so helpful and courteous. They have helped my shoulder and neck pain tremendously. I would highly recommend this office to anyone with any kind of pain”.

-SHARON B. (2019)

“They will help you find comfort and give you ways to continue taking care of yourself. They always taking the time to help you feel better.  Dr. Katz and his team are like the good old fashioned doctors. You can see that they truly care about each of their patients! ”

-LISA O. (2013), (2017)

“He took his time learning about my injuries. He thoroughly explained everything he was doing and why a specific procedure was necessary to get me toward walking normally again”

-LISA C. (2017)