Man speaking at a seminar with crowd listening

Attending our seminars will give you the opportunity of applying to become a part of our network; Network opportunities will not be covered in the seminar.

Information on how to access and participate in a variety of MPN’s can be found here.

SEMINAR DATES:  June 13, 2021 – November 14, 2021 (See calendar below for specific dates)

DURATION: 4 hours (9am – 1pm PST)

PRICE OF SEMINAR: To Be Determined

UNITS EARNED: 4 units per seminar, Category 1, (pending approval from the California Acupuncture Board)




  • An overview of the acupuncturist role in the Workers Compensation system
  • How to increase referrals from Primary Treating Physicians
  • An understanding of MTUS (Medical Treatment Utilization Schedule)
  • How to greatly improve the approval rate of your requests
  • Effectively appeal denials

In addition, you will be able to acquire clinical skills to diagnose and treat your patients effectively. Personal cases will be discussed so the provider can better understand why care was not approved-paid and what can be done about it. Please feel free to bring cases as there will be an open floor for discussion.


Alejandro Katz, OMD. L. Ac.(Medical Director) has over 40 years of experience in the acupuncture field; 25+ years in Workers Compensation and for 20+ years with Utilization Review companies.

Kathy Agharabei, LVN. (Nurse Case Manager) has extensive knowledge of the Workers Compensation system. Kathy has managed the claims and billing department of Pain Management Center, Inc. for 16+ years and successfully receives payment for claims submitted. She uses her experience to also appeal “non-certified” treatments from various insurance companies; over 90% of these appeals come back approved.

Katya K. (Network Manager) uses her networking and managerial skills to actively grow our Acupuncture Network. Her 8+ years with Pain Management Center, Inc., have allowed her to build and maintain relationships with a diverse group of referring physicians, providers, insurance companies, and clinics. Katya has extensive knowledge in insurance credentialing, contracting, workers compensation billing, and marketing.